The relation between belief in God and jihad

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In many of the koranic verses three holy terms are mentioned: belief emigration and jihad.

According to the verses of the Koran, man emigrates in order to protect his religion.

The following verses indicate the importance of jihad in the Koran.

1. You who believe, what is wrong with you when you are told: “March off in God cause!” Do you feel weightened down to the ground? Are you more satisfied with worldly life than with the [prospect of the] Hereafter?  The comfort of worldly life will mean so little in the Hereafter. ( 9: 38) 

2. Unless you march away, He punishes you with painful torment and substitutes you with some other folk. You will not harm him in any way. (9:39)

3. Whenever a chapter is sent down saying: “Believe in God and struggle alongside His messenger, “influential persons among them ask you to exempt them and say [instead] : “ Let us stay with those who are just sitting around.

They are so pleased to be among the stay- behinds. It is stamped on their hearts so they do not understand, but the Messenger and those who believe along with their property and persons. Those will have even better things, such will be successful! God has prepared gardens through which rivers will flow for them to live forever that will be supreme achievement!.(9:86-89)

4. Those believers who sit around and yet have no physical disability are not equal to those who strive for God sake with their property and persons. God shows preference to those who strive with their property and persons through [higher] rank, thank with those just sit around, for each God has promised handsome things, yet  God shows preference to strivers with a better wage over those who stay at home, such as[higher] ranks from him , as well as forgiveness and mercy . God is forgiving Merciful. (4: 95-96)


The Quran (English translation by T.B.Irving)

Nemunen Koranic Exegesis (Naser Makarem)


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