The methods for human guidance in the Koran

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In the Holy Koran the different ways leading human through guidance   are presented:


1. The month of Ramadan is when the Quran was sent down as guidance for mankind and with explanations for guidance and as a standard.(2:185)
2. If there were other in either [heaven or Earth] besides God [Alone] ,they would both dissolve in chaos .(21:22) [In this verse reflecting upon the creation of universe is mentioned as a way leading man towards guidance.]
3. Serve your Lord until conviction comes to you! (15:99) [IN this verse worshipping is a path leading man towards guidance.]
4. Therefore we showed Abraham sovereignty over Heaven and Earth so might feel reassured.( 5:75)
5. Have they not observed in the sovereignty over Heaven and Earth? (6:185)
6. We shall guide the ones who strive for us along our ways. God stands by those who act kindly! (29:69)
7. Invite [people] to your Lords way with discretion and kindly instruction, and discuss [things] with them in the politest manner. Your Lord is quite, Aware as to who has strayed from his path, just as he is quite Aware of those who have consented to be guided.(16:125)



Ten speeches (Morteza Motahari)

The Noble Koran (English translation by T.B.Irving)


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