Role of the angels in the universe

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According to the Noble Koran, believing in God, His messengers and the Divine Books is along with believing in the angels:
The Messenger believes in what has been sent down to him from his Lord, has [so do] believers, everyone believers in God and his angels, his book and his messengers. (2:285)

The following Koranic verses indicate the characteristics of the angels:


1. Rather they are honoured servants. (21:26)
2. They do not try to speak ahead of him, while they act at his command
3. While angels [will stand] along its edges. Eight [in all] will bear (21-27) your Lords throne them on that day. (69: 17)
4. Regulate some matter! (79:5)
5. Yet over you (all) there stand some noble guardians, writing it all down, they know anything you do. (82:10-13)
6. He sends guardians (angels) [to watch] over you. (6: 61)
7. You who believe, remember God's favour upon you, when the armies charged at you! We sent a wind and even armies (angels) you did not see against them (33:9)
8. He sends down angels the Breath of his command on any of His servants he may wish: “warn [mankind] that there is no deity except Me, so heed Me! (16:2)
9. The angels hymn their Lords praise and seek forgiveness for whoever is on earth.(42:5)
10. We sent her (Mary) our spirit, who presented himself to her as a
full-grown human being (19:17)
11. There is none of us but he has an acknowledged status. We are drawn up in ranks. We are those who glorify [god].(37:164-166)



Divine justice (Morteza Motahari)

The Noble Koran (English translation by T.B.Irving)


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