Leith Ibn Sad

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Abu Hareth Leith Ibn (son) Sa’d Ibn Abdul Rahman, Sunni jurisconsult and traditionist and also the leader of Egypt, born in 712 / 713. He was originally from Iran and also known as “Leith Ibn Sa’d Isfshani” and “Leith Ibn Sa’d Fahmi”. Although it is said that he was the follower of “Abu Hanifeh”, he himself was owner of a sect. He waa a judge in Egypt and all trusted him. “Shafeyi” said: Leith was more learned than Malek Ibn Anas (the leader of Malikites sect), but people did not appreciate hm and chose Malek as their leader. Leith Ibn Sa’d was so #### generous; once “Malek Ibn Anas” presented a large dish full of dates to him, Leith filled the dish with golds and gave it back! He died in 791 in Egypt, his tomb is a place of pilgrimage.


Wafayat al – Ayan


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