Amir Ahmad Ibn Asad Samani

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Amir Ahmad Samani, the progenitor of Smanid dynasty and the amir of Farghana and Samarkand. His father was Asad Ibn Saman who had four sons. Amir Ahmad was a chaste, righteous, skillful and learned man. There is not much information on his life but according to historians, Ma’mun (the Abbasid king) respected Amir Ahmad and his brothers very much and also ordered the amir of Khurasan to respect them. Amir Ahmad was appointed as the ruler of Farghana by the amir of Khurasan. Amir Ahmad and his brothers remained in their position in#### Tahirid period but after the death of Taher Ibn Hossein (the founder of Tahirid dynasty), Farghana was in the hand of his son, but again it returned to Ahmad by the deputy of Khurasan. After the death of his brother, Nooh Ibn Asad, Samarkand which was ruled by him, then was governes by Amir Ahmad. Amir Ahmad then appointed his son “Nasr” as the ruler of Samarkand. Amir Ahmad Samani quoted Hadiths from the scholars “Sufyan Ibn Eyniyeh” and “ Ismail Ibn Alayh” and his two sons, Ismail and Isaac also quoted from him. He had six sons whose the most famous wa Ismail, the real founder of Smanid dynasty. Amir Ahmad died in 864.


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