Mysticism (Gnosticism) and Gnostic pretenders

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This book that is the translation of “Breaking the idols of ignorance” book, is one of the sadr Aldin Shirazi’s works and its translation has been done by “Mohsen Bidadfar. In the end of this book, has been stated this explanation that the purpose of this treatise is not for blameing the certain person or persons but the aim is; to explain the spreading of corruption in its times, showing the right way, way of knowing the pious(säleh) persons and perfect Gnostics.

####The biography of Sadr Aldin shirazi(Molla Sadra):
Mohammad the son of Ibrahim Shirazi also called Sadr Aldin and famous to Molla Sadra or Sadr Almote-alehin, was born in Shiraz in 1571 or 1572A.D.(979 or 980A.H.). His father “Ibrahim the son of Yahyä Ghavämi” was one of the ministers of saffavid government. He was wealthy and influential and with great effort trained his son. Mullah Sadra’s life can be divided into three periods:
1- The periods of seminarian, studentship, discussion, studying of the old books and viewpoints of philosophers in Shiraz and Isfahan. In this period, he studied viewpoint of philosophers, kaläm, “Aristotelian” (mash-shäi) and Illuminative (eshräghi) philosophers.
2- The stage of “self-discipline” (tahzibe nafs), “asceticism” (riyazat) and “mystical disclosure” (mokashefeh) in “kahak” village (near the “Qom”) that finally led to “unveiling of Lordly truths”(kashfe haghäyegh rabäni) and “theological sciences”.
3- The stage of writing and teaching in Shiraz in the school that Allahverdy Khan, the governor of “Fars”, built it. During this period, Mullah Sadra almost wrote all his works. Mullah Sadra caused the “Divine Wisdom” (hekmate ellähi) and Islamic Philosophy enters into the new stage. He, in what is called “supreme knowledge” (elme a’lä) or universal science or “prime philosophy” or “Divine Wisdom” (hekmate elähi), [and it is the only part that really is “philosophy” and called “Real philosophy”], overshadowed the former philosopher position, changed the principles and first foundations of this science and strengthened it on a steadfast principle. Mullah Sadra, till end of his life, composed and instructed, and in this times, seven times walked to “Mecca” that in returning from the seventh journey, passed away in “Basra” in 1640A.D. (1050A.H).

Masters: Sheikh Bahä Aldin Ämoli famous to Sheikh Bahäi, Mirdamäd, Mir Abolghäsem Fenderski the Gnostic, devout and unique mathematician of that time, etc.
Students: Molla sadrä trained many students but the most famous of them were: Molla Mohsen Feyz Kashäni and molla Abdolrazägh Lähiji. Both of them, in addition of having studentship position, were his son-in-law.
Works: The Transcendent Theosophy (Four Journeys of Soul) [Alhekmate Almote aliye (asfare arba eh)]- Sharhe al-hidayat- Al-mabda wal-maad- Huduthe al-alam- Al-masha-er- Sharhe Shafa- Al-shawahid al-rububiyyah- Ajwibat al-masail- commentaries upon some quran’s suras, etc.

The book structure:
This book consists of one introduction, 4 section, 2 chapter and one conclusion as follow:
1- The first section: In explaining this meaning that the best position is about reaching to the “knowledge of God”(ma’refat elahi). (consist of 3 chapter).
2- The second section: in this section, explains that the best position, is about having knowledge, but no any knowledge, the best knowledge is about “God’s knowledge” (elm elähi) (consists of 9 chapters).
3- The third section: in mentioning “persons of excellence”(nikän) features, those that their ranks are lower than the “saints”(mogharabin) (consists of 9 chapters).
4- The fourth section: in mentioning the advices of quran, tradition(sonnat) and great men words that cause encouragement and enthusiasm in pious, although not being useful for disappointed people (dead- hearted) (consists of 3 chapter).

This book has been published by faculty of theology(oloom ma’ghool and manghool) in Tehran and also by the research of Mohammad Taghi Danesh Pazhooh in 1961A.D. (1340). Also it has been printed and published by Alzahra publishers in 1992A.D.(1371). Its translation had been done by Mohsen Bidädfar.


Mysticism (Gnosticism) and Gnostic pretenders/ Sadr Aldin Shirazi- translation by Mohsen Bedärfar

Molla Sadra’s comprehensive bibliography


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