Qawam al-in Hakim

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Qawam al-Din Muhammad Razi Tehrani, known as “Qawam al-Din Hakim” was a great Persian philosopher in Safawid era (the dynasty which ruled Persia from 1501 till 1786). He studied philosophy under Mullah Rajab Ali Tabrizi for many years in Isfahan. Qawam al-Din was a prominent philosophy teacher; he taught Avicenna’s works. His philosophical method was peripatetic (Aristotle philosophical method).
1- Eyn al-Hekmah (the Nature of Philosophy)
####2- Glosses
3- The Principles of Comparison

Some of his students:
1- Sheikh Inayat Allah Gilani
2- Mirza Seyyed Hasan Taleqani

Qawam al-Hakim died in 1682.


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