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Abwā is the name of a big village near Vadan between Mecca and Medina; today known as “Masture”.

Historical points about Abwā:
1- The tomb of Amina (the Prophet’s mother; d. ca. 576 when the Prophet was six) is located here.
2- The first Ghazwa (the name of any battles of the Prophet in which the Prophet fought against the infidels) happened here.
3- One of the Quranic suras (chapters) (Women/ 43) was ####revealed in this place.
4- After the conquest of Mecca, Abu Sufyan (prominent Meccan merchant; d. ca. 653) came to the Prophet and embraced Islam in Abwa.
5- Death of Muslim Ibn Uqba (famous commander of the Umayyad caliphs, Mu’wiaya I and Yazid I). He was buried in Abwa.
6- Abdullah Ibn Ja’far (Zeinab’s husband, a daughter of Ali Ibn Abi Taleb)died and was buried in this place. But it seems Abdullah Ibn Ja’far died in Medina and this Abdullah is the name of one of the Abdul Mutalleb’s (the Prophet’s grandfather) descendants.
7- Imam Baqer’s (the fifth Imam of Shias) birth place.


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