The Glorious and Beautiful Attributes of God

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The Glorious (Jalal) and Beautiful (Jamal) Attributes of   God is the name of a book composed by “Sheikh Muhammad Taqi Amoli”.

The author

Sheikh Muhammad Taqi Amoli, born in 1887, in Tehran, was a prominent scholar and jurisconsult and also a great teacher.

When he went to school, after learning Frasi, started learning Arabic literature which was one of the most important sciences of his own time, then studied jurisprudence and methodology (Osul) under great scholars.

In 1920, he travelled to Najaf and continued in the presence of great masters. He was the significant student of "Mirza Ali Qazi" (Great scholar). Then he returned to Tehran and started teaching and writing some great books, many great jurisconsults studied in the presence of him.

Muhammad Taqi Amoli died in 1960 in Tehran.

The book structure
Negative Attributes of   God:
1- God Almighty is Invisible
2- God Almighty is neither essence (Johar) nor accident (Araz)
3- God is not united anything nor anybody
4- There is nothing like God Almighty
5- There is nothing against God Almighty
Positive Attributes of   God:
1- God Almighty is the Transcendent
2- God Almighty is the king
3- God Almighty is the Truth
4- God Almighty is the perfect
5- God Almighty is the wise
6- God Almighty is the Eternal
7- God Almighty is the compeller
8- God Almighty is the Irresistible
9- God Almighty is the Better (Khayr)



The Glorious and Beautiful Attributes of God


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