The real philosophy

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“The  real philosophy” ( Hekmat  al- Ayn) is a philosophical work intending  theology and natural sciences,  written in Arabic by Iranian philosopher “Najm al Din Ali katebi  Qazvini”, known as “ Dabiran”.


The author

Najm  al- Din Ali katebi Qazvini, known as “ Dabiran”,  prominent Iranian  philosopher,  logician and chemist . He was highly proficient in mathematics, logic, geometry, philosophy and theology (divinity)

He was the outstanding student of the great scholar “ khajeh Nasir Tousi” “ Najm al- Dim katebi” taught philosophy in Qazvini  - Iran.
The great scholar such as “ Allameh Helli” and Qotb al- Din Mahmoud shirazi”  studied  in his  presence . He composed books on a wide range of topics.


The book structure

The book is famous for its comprehensiveness and yet brevity.

First the author deas with theology (divinity) and then considers natural sciences.

The section “theology” includes 5 articles as follows:

1- Existence and non- exist essence, plurality and singularity necessity and possibility, anteriority and formation

2- Cause and effect, proof of existence of God (according to
“ Fakhr Razi”) , one effect  could not have two causes.

3- Substance and accident, rational soul, celestial soul, intellect

4- Proof of Necessary –Being and the attributes

5- on rational spirit

The second section: natural sciences

1- on the motion of heavenly bodies

2- on the motion of earth

3- Animal spirit

4- Vegetal spirit

Al though through the book the author expresses the views of Avicenna, he criticizes him.

Many cammenteries and annotations have been written on this work by great swnni and Shia scholars such as: Qotb al- Din Mahmoud shiraz   , Mirak Najari, Mir seyyed  sharid sharif Jorjani, Mullah Rafia  Gilani , Jamal khansari and Allameh Helli.


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