The reality of The Hell

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In some of the Koranic verses a kind of tree is mentioned existing in the Hell called called “Zaqum” (the infernal tree):


It is a tree that rises from the depths of Hades. (57:67) the infernal tree will be food for the sinner (444:43-44)

Then you mistaken rejecters will be eating something from the Infernal (56:51-52)


“The Infernal tree" refers to human evil acts appeared as the bad tree (the Infernal tree), actually the is the sinner himself, his own essence with all his sins.


The stunning [blow]! What is a disaster? What will make you realize something is going to stun [you]? Some day mankind will act like scattered moths and the mountains seem like tufts of yarn! So anyone whose scales are weighted down [will land] in pleasant living while whosever’s scales are light will have a pit to mother him. What will make you realize what this will be like? Scorching fire! (101:1-11)


The Hell is mentioned as the “mother” of sinners because their sins in the world always led them to Hell, exactly like a child who away follows his mother, the sinner also has a tendency to follow fire!


"Acquaintance with the Koran" (Morteza Motahari)


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