Obeying God and His messenger will lead us to the Heaven

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Obeying God is commandments and His messengers are the essential elements leading man to the paradise. Obeying God refers to the Koran as Divine speech, and obeying His messenger (the Prophet Muhammad) refers to the commandments revealed to the Prophet by God, the way of performing the acts such as: saying prayer, Hajj, fast, jihad, etc. should be learned from the Prophet.

In many of the Koranic verses, obeying God and following His messenger are mentioned:


1- Anyone who obeys God and His messenger will be admitted to gardens through which rivers flow, to live there forever.

That will be the supreme Achievement! Anyone who disobeys God and His messenger and oversteps His limits, will be shown into a fire to live there forever, he will have humiliating torment (4:13-14)

2- He will show anyone who obeys God and His messenger into gardens through which rivers flow while he will punish anyone who turns away with painful torment. (48:17)

3-we have not sent any messenger unless he was to be obeyed in accordance with God's permission. (4:64)

4-we have sent the Book down to you with the Truth so that you may judge among mankind by means of what God has shown you.(4:105)

5-we still sent you down the Reminder so you may explain to mankind what was sent down to them, so that they may meditate (16:44)

6-Anyone who obeys God and His messengers will achieve a splendid Triumph (34:71)

7- Did I not contract with you, O children of Adam, not to serve Satan? (36:60)


Al-Mizan Exegesis of the Koran (Allameh Tabatabai)

English translation of the Koran (T.B. Irving)


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