The factors leading man towards forgiving

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Forgiving sins depends on many factors, which are mentioned in the Koran:


1. Repentance:

1. You who believe turn to God in frank repentance. Perhaps your Lord will remit you evil deeds for you and show you into gardens through which rivers flow.(66:8)
2. Do they not know that it is God who receives Repentance from hic servants and accepts such acts of charity, and that God is the Ever-Turning, the Merciful?(9:104)

2. Faith and honourble deeds:
1. He (God) will cancel out the evil deeds improve the attitude of those who believe, perform honourable deeds and believe in what has been sent down to Muhammad for it is the Truth from their Lord. (47:2)

3. Refraining from the greatest deeds:
1. Those who refrain from the greatest vices and sexual offences, except for oversights [will find] your Lord is Boundless when it comes to forgiveness.(54:32)
2. If you will avoid the greatest sins you are forbidden to commit, we will cancel out you evil deeds for you and send you into paradise. (4:31)
3. Anyone who heeds God will have his evil deeds remitted while he will pile up [his] earning for him.(65:5)
4. you who believe, if you heed God, he will grant you a standard absolve your evil deeds for you, and forgive you. (8:29)

4. Prayer
1. keep up prayer at both ends of the day, and at the approach of night.  Good deeds remove evil deeds.(11:114)

5. Acts of charity
1. If you publicize any acts of charity, it is quite worthwhile, while if you cancel them and give [directly] to the poor, it will be ever better for you, and will cancel out some of your evil deeds for you.(2:272)

6. Handsome loan:
1. If you will advance God a handsome ban he will compound it for you and forgive you. (64:17)

7. Emigration, martyrdom and fight for God’s sake:
1. I (God) shall remove their evil deeds for these who have migrated and were driven out of their homes and mistreated for My sake, and have fought and were killed, and I shall admit them to a Garden through which rivers flow, as a prize from God himself. 93:195)

8. being good-tempered
9. Illness .etc.



Al-Mizan Koranic exegesis (Allameh Tabatabai)

The Noble Koran (English translation by T.B.Irving)


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