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Sheikh Kazem Ozri, outstanding panegyrist Shia poet; (1730-1797), Baghdad, into an educated family. First studied in Baghdad, then went to Najaf and continued Arabic literature, jurisprudence and methodology in the presence of great masters. He started writing poems before 20. well-versed at history, philosophy, Hadith and commentary. Ozri had close relationship with the eminent scholars: Seyyed Mahdi Bahr al-Ulum and Sheikh Jafar Kashef al-Qata. Also with the emirs of Iraq, wrote some elgiac poems about “Sulayman Pasha the Great”. He is #### more famous for his prominent ode, written in 1000 couplets on eulogizing the Prophet and the virtues of the first Imam, Ali “P.B.U.H”, he also considered the ideas and viewpoints of Imamiyya (the term indicates the twelver Shia) on prophecy and Imamate. This great ode, first was published in Najaf and then in Bombay. He never collected his poems into a book. The following are some of his other poems:
1- An ode on the victory of Sulayman Pasha
2- 18 odes on eulogizing Sulayman Shawi (emir of Iraq)
3- 5 odes on eulogizing Sulayman’s father
4- Some odes on eulogizing Sulayman’s brothers and son
5- A piece of eulogy on Imam Hossein “P.B.U.H”, etc.

Sheikh Kazem Ozri was buried in Kazimayn – Iraq.


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