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Ahmad Ibn Yahya Balazuri, prominent Arabic historian in the 9th century. There is not exact information about his life, there are different ideas on date of his birth. He may was born between 787 to 797 or 811 to 816 in Baghdad. Balazuri was a great translator, man of letters, poet and ariter of many different books on history and lineage and also one of the most famous historians of Islamic consequests. He studied in Antakieh, Homs, Syria and Aleppo. Some believe that he was Iranian. His ancestors were all scribes and secretaries in the court of kings in #### Islamic times. Balazuri himself also had this job. He eulogized Ma’mun (Abbasid caliph) by his poems. Although he did not mention to any special religion but many quoted traditions in his works are considered by great Shia scholars. His relationships with Mutawakkel (Abbasid caliph) and calling him “Amir al-Mu’menin” (Commander of the Believers), reject this idea that he was Shia. Balazuri received all the information he needed from the members of Abbasid dynasty such as: Hebat Allah Ibn Ibrahim and Mutawakkel (Abbasid caliph).

Some of his masters:
1- Muhammad Ibn Sa’d Kateb Waqedi
2- Ali Ibn Muhammad Mada’eni (in Iraq)
3- Mas’ab Zobeyri
4- Abu Qasem Ibn Salam (in syntax and exgesis)
5- Hosham Ibn Ammar
6- Muhammad Ibn Masfi (in Syria)

Some of the students:
- Waki’ Qazi
- Ja’far Ibn Qudameh

1- Lineageg of nobles (on history and parentage)
2- Conquering cities (on conquests of Muslims from time of the Holy Prophet and next)
3- Reign of Ardeshir (translated from Persian into Arabic poem)

Balazuri died in 892 in Baghdad.


Mo jam al-Udaba

Islamic encyclopedia


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