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Sheikh Abdul Hossein Amini, outstanding Shia scholar, traditionist, theologian and jurist; born in 1903 in Tabriz – Iran, into an educated and religious family. He studied the primary sciences in the presence of grea scholars: Seyyed Muhammad Mowlana, Seyyed Murteza Khosrowshahi, and Sheikh Hossein (the author of the book Hedayat al-Anam “Guiding People” ). He also learnt the book “Alfiyeh Ibn Malek” (thousand verses on Arabic inflexion & syntax, in Arabic). Then travelled to Najaf and continued his studies under the masters: Abu Torab Khansari, Seyyed #### Muhammad Firouz Abaadi. In 1918, started writing the prominent work “Shohada al-Fazila” (The martyrs of virtue), he collected some articles about the early and contemporary scholars who were martyred and also the biography and beliefs of over hundred companions of Imam Ali “p.b.u.h” and Shia scholars from the 10th to the 20th century. Allameh Amini wrote a gloss on “Kamel al-Ziyarat” (On prayers, written by Ibn Quluyeh Qomi). He also compiled the book “Samarat al-Asfar” (On philosophy), and wrote a great gloss on the two works of Sheikh Murteza Ansari: Makaseb (The earnings) and Rasayel (The treatises). He wrote his great famous book al-Qadir “The pool” (On guardianship of Imam Ali). (The event Qadir, took place near a pool in Arabia called Qadir-e Khom, Imam Ali was appointed as the successor of the Prophet Muhammad). Allameh Amini wrote this prominent book based on the Quranic verses, the Hadiths and the scholars of different sects, especially from the four Sunni sects. He made a great effort to prove and defend Imam Ali’s guardianship. Went to different libraries in Iraq, India, Pakistan, Egypt, the Occident, etc. in order to collect information. The found twenty four history books, twenty seven traditionists, fourteen commentators of the Quran and seven Islamic theologians who had studied and considered Qadir event, to complete his writings. The book first was published in 1964 in Najaf (the book was in 9 volumes). Many scholars from different countries praised the work and wrote glosses on it. The following are some of the Islamic scholars who have praised al-Qadir:
Ayatollah Seyyed Abul Hasan Isfahani
Ayatollah Hossein Tabatabaei Qomi
Ayatollah Hossein Qarawi Isfahani
Allameh Agha Bozorg Tehrani

Allameh Amini alsoestablished a library in Najaf – Iraq, called “Amir al-Mo’menin” , in which were kept over forty printed books and books in manuscript, on Imam Ali “p.b.u.h”. He died in 1971 in Najaf and was buried in his library.


al-Qadir -vol. 1,2

Shohada al-Fazila


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