Kabi Balkhi Khurasani

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Abul Ghasem Abdullah Ka’bi Balkhi, Mu’tazili theologian and the head of “Ka’biya” sect. Mu’tazili (name of a religious movement founded at Basra by Wasil Ibn Ata, subsequently becoming one of the most important theological schools of Islam). Was from Balkh. According to Khatib Baghdadi (boigrapher and critical ststematister of Tradition methodology; 1002 – 1071), Ka’bi wrote many books on theology and published in Baghdad. The following are some of his works:
1- The Quranic exegesis
####2- The articles
3- The choice phrases
4- Polemics
5- Imamate
6- The divine philosophy
7- On the principles of religion
8- The glories of Khurasan
9- The good points about Tahirids (dynasty of governors which ruled in Khurasan from 821 till 873 under the suzerainty of the Abbasid caliphs), etc.




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