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Ismail Ibn Ali Ibn Is’haq Ibn Ali Sahl Nowbakhti (Abu Sahl Nowbakhti (Abu Sahl Nowbakhti), famous Shia theologian, born in 852 in Baghdad. He was from Nwbakhti dynasty which several members of this dynasty were astronomers and men of letters, the Pahlavi books have been translated by them in Mansur’s (Abbasid caliph) era. He studied Imamiyya’s (the term indicates the Twelver Shia) beliefs and theology under great Shia scholars. He is more famous for theology. He lived in time of Imam Hadii and Imam Hasan Askari (the 10th and 11th Imams of Shias) ####and also the childhood of the 12th Imam, Imam Mahdi”P.B.U.H”.
He was contemporary with the great traditionists: Sa’d Ibn Abdullah Ash’ari and Muhammad Ibn Hasan Saffar Qomi.

His works are divided into six groups as follows:
1- Books related to Imamate (demanding in Imamate, the lights, in history of the Imams, etc.)
2- Some rejection notes on Shi’a sects which are not Twelver Shia (he rejected all the shia sects which are not Twelver Shia)
3- On the principles of jurisprudence
4- Rejection notes on the Jews and the deniers of the Prophetic message
5- Books related to special theological subjects (monotheism, attributes, etc.)
6- Rejection notes on theological subjects (except Imamate and prophecy)

His most important students in theology (Kalam):
1- Abul Hossein Ali Ibn Wasif
2- Abul Jeysh Muzaffar Ibn Muhammad Balkhi
3- Abul Hossein Muhammad Ibn Beshr Hamduni

Other students:
1- Abul Hasan Ali (his son)
2- Abu Bakr Muhammad Ibn Yahya Sowli
3- Ahmad Ibn Muhammad Halvani
4- Abul Ali Hossein Kowkabi Sabet


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