Seyyed Sadra Kuhpaee

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Seyyed Sadra Kuhpaee Isfahani, Persian mystic philosopher, was one of the students of Sheikh Ahmad Shirazi (Shaneh Saz). He also studied in the presence of “Mirza Hasan Kermanshahi” and “Seyyed Hossein Baadkubi”. Kuhpaee was a master in the prestigious school “Sadr” in Isfahan. He taught the works of great Persian philosophers; Mullah Sdara Shirazi and Mullah Hadi Sabzewari. After the death of the great philosopher “Sheikh Muhammad Hakim”; two prominent philosophers Seyyed Sadra Kuhpaee and Sheikh Mahmud Mufid#### Isfahani, were teaching in the school Sadr. “Sheikh Ahmad Sheikh al-Islam” and “Fazl Allah Ziya Nur Isfahani” are some of those who studied in his presence.

1- Explanation on the book “Asfar” (written by Mullah Sadar Shirazi)
2- A book on Essence (Jowhar) and Form (Araz), etc.


The history of contemporary philosophers and theosophists


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