Miracle Is Firm With Proof

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Miracle is an intellectual and logical reason for the truth of prophecy claim, as it has been mentioned before it is an extraordinary act which can not be performed by human being., because the one who does miracle has a relations with the Unseen and Divine Power:

“In the creation of Heaven and Earth, and the alternation between night and daylight, there are signs for prudent persons” [The House of Imran. 190]
“How many a sign do they pass by in Heaven and Earth, and pay no attention to them? [Joseph. 105]
“Even through you brought every sign for those who were given the Book they still would not follow your Direction. You are not following their direction, nor will any of them follow one another’s direction. If you were to follow their whims one knowledge has come to you, you would then be an evildoer. [The Caw. 145].
The reason why the most of people have more tendency towards miracle that towards intellectual reasons, is that understanding philosophical reasons is difficult for them.

The three groups of believers
There are three groups of believers who believe in prophets, as follows:

1- those who believe in prophets without asking them to perform miracle. Great persons such as: Imam Ali and Khadijeh (Prophet’s wife) and some of Prophet’s companions, accepted the Prophet in this manner.
2- There are believers who have more tendency towards scientific miracles than those of practical. If they are informed that someone ill is cured by seeking help to an Imam, it would not wonder them, because they are familiar with the Koran and its scientific miracles. They know very well that prophets and Imams are the divine sources who are able to do great woks and have relation with the Unseen (God and angles).
3- The believers who have tendency to accept practical miracles. They are not pleased with intellectual and logical reasons because do not comprehend them, that is why they follow practical miracles which are more simple to understand.
Most of people are placed in this category.


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