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Mullah Amin Astar Abaadi, the founder of Akhbariyya [term which in the twelver Shia, donates those who rely primarily on the Hadiths of the Imams as a source of religious knowledge] and great scholar in the 17th century. He was trained in the presence of great masters and was allowed to narrate (Hadiths) from from them: "Mirza Muhammad Mousavi Aameli" and sheikh Hasan Ibn sheikh Zain al –Din (known as the 2nd martyr). Astar Abaadi first was in the group of "Mujtaheds" [those who possess the aptitude to form his own judgement on #### questions concerning Islamic law], but gradually he joined to "Akhbariyun". "Akhbariyun" only believed in Hadith which have been quoted from the Prophet and the Imams; they rejected jurisprudence (Fiqh) and methodology (Osul). Astar Abaadi believed that people should not follow "Mujtahed" ( in Islam, a person who people refer to him for their religious questions), they should just follow the Imams. He also said that: "No on eis allowed to express his opinion on religious law which is from the Prophet and the Imams". Astar Abaadi was against methodologists (those who interpret divine law) and called them "heretic". He believed that, instead of "Ijtehad" (exegesis of divine law) people should collect Hadiths and traditions of the Imams. His most important works:
1- Al-fawaed al –Madinah (on rejecting those who believe in Ijtehad on the Islamic commandments).
2- Shahi encyclopedia (on theology, in Persian)
3- Purification of wine and its impurity ,etc.

Mullah Amin Astar abaadi died in 1623 in Mecca.


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