Jurji Zaidan

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Jurji Zaidan, Christian Arab scholar, jurisconsult, man of letters and hijstorian from Egypt (1861 – 1914), born into a poor family. He wrote many novels, the majority of which deal with the history of Islam from the Arab conquests to the beginning of the Mamluk dynasty (sultanate established and maintained by military slaves in Egypt (1250 – 1571) and in Syria (1260 – 1516) ). They were translated into several languages. Their main value lies in the popularising of history. He is known as the most diligent and significant literary authors in the 19th and #### 20th centuries.

His best-known works are are “the history of Muslim civilization” and “the history of the Arabic literature”.
1- 22 historical stories (he is more famous for these stories)
2- On Arabic language and literature
3- On history:Hiostory of freemason and the history of Muslim civilization
4- On translations and biographies: translations of celebrated men of the East
5- Helal magazine


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