Mirza Asgari Shahidi Mashhadi

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Mirza Asgari Shahidi Mashhadi, known as “Agha Bozorg Hakim” was a Persian prominent philosopher. He was the son of Mirza Zabih Allah who was the son and student of Mirza Hedayat Allah and he was the son and student of Mirza Mahdi who was a student of Muhammad Bid Abaadi and Sheikh Hossein Ameli. There is not enough information about his life and education. First he studied under his father Mirza Zabih Allah, Mullah Gholam Hossein Sheikh al-Islam and Mirza Muhammad Sarv Qadi in Mashhad, then went to Tehran and continue in the presence of Mirza Abul Hasan Jelweh, Mirza Hashem Ishkewari and Mirza Hasan Kermanshahi. Mirza Asgari Shahidi Mashhadi died in 1976.


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