The discussions between Imam Reza and the scholars of non-Islamic religions

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The discussions between Imam Reza and the scholars of non-Islamic religions

Ma'mun, Abbaside caliph, in spite of his ruthlessness and wickedness, he was educated and adored knowledge; he had studied logic, philosophy Hadith, jurisprudence and theology, and was highly proficient in all of these sciences. That is the reason why he was interested in holding discussions; of course he had ulterior motives for having the discussions.

When Imam Reza went to Khorasan, Ma'mun told his vizier, Fazl Ibn Sahl, to arrange a meeting and invite all the religious heads and scholars to hold discussions with Imam Reza. All the heads of religions were invited: Catholic, the great head of Jews, called "Ra's al-Jalut", the great head of "Sbeyin" (the followers of Noah the Prophet), Hirbod (the great Zoroastrian scholar), the non-Shia theologians and even the atheists (materialists).
First they were invited without the Imam, Ma'mun asked them if they were ready to have discussions with Imam Reza or not and they declared their readiness.
Then he sent a messenger to the Imam to invite him to the meeting and Imam Reza accepted to participate in the discussion. But he knew perfectly well that Ma'mun then will be regretful of arranging this meeting, because he will observe that I will be more sufficient than the heads and scholars in their own religions and they will be defeated; therefore Ma'mun will regret because he do not expect such a result, and people will ask why Ma'mun is governing while such a scholarly person (the Imam) exists.

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