Prophets’ Miracles Performed by God’s Permission

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The term miracle (Mo’jezeh) is not applied in the Koran and the word Sign (Ayeh) is used instead.
Some of the miracle’ signs of the prophets are granted to them by revelation and their divine mission, and some of the others by people’s request.
In some cases, miracles are granted to the prophets as a torment, in order to put an end to the conflict between prophets and people.

It is confirmed in all the Koranic verses that all the prophets’ miracles are done by God’s permission: “No messengers may bring any sign unless it is with God’s permission” [The Forgiving (Qafer)/ 78].
Prophets can not do miracle independently, and it should be done only by God’s permission:
“ So God will say: ”Jesus, son of Mary, remember my favour towards you and towards your mother when I assisted you with the Holy Spirit. You spoke to people from the cradle and as an adult when I taught you the Book and wisdom, the Torah and the Gospel. So you created something out of clay looking like a bird with My permission; you breathed into it, and by My permission it became a bird! You cured anyone born blind, and the leper with My permission. So you brought forth the dead by My permission” [The Table (Ma’edeh)/ 110].

Miracle as the true act of prophets
Miracles are made by prophets, they are allowed to bring miracle. Some believe that prophets have no rule in performing their miracles, they are only the intermediaries between God and His servants; and it is not their true act and is performed by God.
This belief is not true. Prophets are the symbols of God, they receive power from God and it will affect the nature. Therefore miracle is a true act performed by prophets.


topical exegesis of the Koran

American English translation of the Koran (T. B. Irving)


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