Appliance of "spirit" in the Koran

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In some of the Koranic verses the term “Spirit” is applied in different senses:


1. on the day when the spirit and angels will stand there in ranks. (76: 38)
2. He sends down angels with the Breath of his command (16:2)
3. Angels and the spirit descend on it on every errand with their Lords permission.(97:4)

[In there verses, spirit is (something) except Angels]
4. the faithful spirit has brought it down or heart, you may be a Warner. (26:193-194)
[According  to Allameh Tabatabai's view about “spirit” refers to the point that revelation is not revealed by angels themselves but it is performed in company with the fact called “spirit” fact the revelation is revealed only by the Faithful spirit not the angel (Gabriel)].
5. This we have revealed a spirit from our bidding for you. You did not know what either the Book or Faith were. (42:52)
6. And his word which he cast into Mary and a spirit [proceeding] from him (4:171)
[the term spirit refers to Prophet Jesus]
7. We sent her our spirit, who presented himself to her as a full grown human being. (19:17) [here “spirit” refers to Mary (Jesus' mother)]
8. with those he will engrave faith on their hearts, as sit them with a spirit from himself. (58:22) [“spirit” here refers to believers]
9. When I have finished with him and breathed some of My spirit into him, then drop down on your knees before him. (15: 29)
[Spirit refers to the creation of man]
10. Next he completed him and breathed some of his own spirit into him. (32:9) [this holy verse again refers to creation of man]




Resurrection (Morteza Motahari)

The Noble Koran (English translation by T.B.Irving)


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