The necessity of resurrection for all kinds of creatures according to the Koran

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All the creatures in the universe are alive. The heaven and Earth and everything in the whole have been created with purpose.

Say: “have you ever seen what you appeal to instead of to God? Show me what part of earth they have created! Have they any partnership Heaven? Bring me a book previous to this one or any other trace of knowledge if you are so truthful.”(46:3)

We did not create Heaven and Earth and whatever [lies] in between them to no purpose. That is opinion of those of those who disbelieve. Those who disbelieve should beware of the fire! (38:27)

Based on the Koranic verses, all the creatures in Heaven and Earth will face resurrection like human.

There is no animal [walking] on earth nor bird flying on its  wings unless they exist as communities like yourselves .we have not neglected anything in the Book, then to their Lord will they be summoned (6:38)

It is inferred from this verse that all creatures in the universe have been created with a great purpose, and that all will eventually return to God.

There is nothing whose stores are not [controlled] by us, and we send it down only according to a fixed quantity (15:21)

This book of ours will pronounce the truth about you, we have been recording whatever you have been doing (45:29)


"Recognition of Resurrection" (By Allameh Tehrani)


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