Believers will inherit Paradise

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Based on the Koranic verses believers will inherit paradise, the following verses confirm it:

Believers will succeed! [This means] those who are reverent in their prayer who refrain from idle talk. Who are active   in [promoting] public welfare and who guard their private parts except with their spouses whomever their right hands may control, since then they are free from blame. Those who hanker after anything beyond that are going too fat! And those who preserve their trusts and their pledge, and who attend to their prayers, will be heirs who shall inherit paradise to live there forever. (23:1-11)

According to some commentators, “those will be heirs” refers to the point that everyone is supposed to possess a house in paradise meaning where only believers will enter but those deserve entering the Hell as a result of their evil deeds, will be deprived of paradise therefore believers  will own it and they inherit . But this view could be almost wrong because as it is mentioned in the verses, the whole of parasite is noticed not a part of it. Some others believe that term “heirs” refers to “granting”, but this viewpoint seems unlikely to be confirmed.  

As it is noticed in the Koran God Himself will inherit.

It is we who will inherit the Earth plus anyone on it (19:40)

God is the one who holds control:

Who holds control today? God Alone, the Irresistible holds it! (40:16)

It is only God who inherits everything.

Such the Garden which you will inherit because of what you have been doing (43:72)

It is inferred from these verses that God Alone holds control and he is the one who inherit everything therefore on Resurrection believers will inherit paradise when they enter


"Acquaintance with the Koran" (By Morteza Motahari)


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