“Criticizing the theory of pre-eternal aspect of God’s word” (Tafnid qol Al-aväm be ghadam Al-kaläm)

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Another book by Sheikh Äqä Bozorg Tehrani that has been translated into Arabic is “Criticizing the theory of pre-eternal aspect of God’s word”(Tafnid qol Al-aväm be ghadam Al-kaläm). Since the discourse of Noble Quran’s “pre-eternal”(ghadim) or “temporal” (hädes) aspect, was the issue that had made Muslims to think about it from the Ma’mun Abbasi’s time, so the thinkers studied this subject and Äqä Bozorg Tehräni is one of these thinkers. In his book he rejects those who believe to the Quran’s pre-eternal aspect and consider it like the God (as a) absolute pre-eternal. ####

The author’s brief biography:
Ayatollah Sheikh Mohammad Mohsen (Äqä Bozorg) Tehrani, the shia great scholar, bibliographer and great Rejälist was born in Tehran in 1876/4/6 A.D. (1293A.H.). His father “Mollä Ali Tehrani” and his mother “Baygom” the daughter of Haj Seyyed Attär one of the great Seyyideh. It is noteworthy that His father’s family name was “Monzavi”, but never the Äqä Bozorg called to this name. At the age of four and five, everyday he learned the Quran. In the 1886A.D.(1303A.H.) he wore turban and up to 1897A.D. (1315A.H.) he lived in Tehran. He started the preliminary stages in the Dängi school, then the other sciences in pämenär school and then the “Fakhriye” (today Marvi). During this 12 years he learned the different sciences such as: literature, logic Quran “rhythmical recitation” (Tejwid), “jurisprudence” (feghh), “methodology” (osul), Naskh and Nastaliq script and benefited by great and skillful masters. He started his migration at the age of 22 and entered in Iraq-Najaf. In the presence of great scholars such as: Äkhund Khoräsäni, Seyyed Mohammad Käzem Yazdi and other scholars he completed the jurisprudence and “methodology”(osul) and became Mojtahed. He learned the “Hadith science”(tradition) in the presence of Haj Mirzä Hassan Noori and other sciences in the presence of great scholars. Generally the periods of this great person of shiism world, passed altogether in studying, researching and writing. He was secluded man that compiled the largest shiism bibliography with spirit of full of faith zeal, love to the science and with strange perseverance. In Najaf founded printing house by the name of “Matba’ate Al-Sa’ädat” in order to print his great compiling “Al-Zäri’e”. Äqä Bozorg married twice and has 5 sons and 4 daughters. He died in holy Najaf after a long illness at the age of 96 and accordance to his “will” was buried in his library which he endowed it for scholars and seminarians’ using. Since Sheikh Äqä Bozorg give much priority to the tradition and quoting the Hadith, had permission of quoting the tradition from shi’a and Sunnite scholars and many shi’a scholars (also) had permission of quoting the tradition from him. After the Mohaddes Noori, he was the most prominent Sheikh of tradition.

The book structure:
This book including the following titles:
-A manuscript by the book’s author
-The author’s biography and works
- If the Quran is pre-eternal or temporal?
- The origin thought of Quran’s pre-eternal aspect


“Criticizing the theory of pre-eternal aspect of God’s word”(Tafnid qol Al-aväm be ghadam Al-kaläm) by Äqä Bozorg Tehrani


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