A Brief History of Nations

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This is a history book on the general history of the world from the beginning of the creation up to the 13th century; in Arabic by Yuhanna. It contains articles on ancient history of Iran, Ismailiya, Kharazmshahiya (famous dynasties in Iran) and the history of the Islamic world and Mongols.

The author
Yuhanna Ibn Zabdi, known as “Yuhanna the Apostle” , “Yuhanna Enjili” and “the Divine Yuhanna” was the author#### of one of the four Gospels. His father was Zabdi, his mother Salumeh and his brother Yaqub the Apostle (Yaqub the Great). He, his father and brother were fishermen. Yuhanna and his brother were titled “the sons of thunder” by Christ, because they were in favour with God severly. Yuhanna was one of the most favourite students of Christ. He was a kind and patient man. When Christ was captured by the Jews, Yuhanna was in company with him. He always sat on the right side of Christ and appearantly was the youngest Apostle. Previously he was one of the students of “John the Baptist” and believed in Christ by his guidance. He lived in Jerusalem, after the death of Pols, was resident in Ufus in Asia Minor. In 59 was exiled to Patmus by the then emperor, but again returned to Ufus and lived there until his death in 100 at the age of 94. He wrote his Gospel after the other Gospels at the end of the 1st century. Out of the 33 miracles of Christ, 7 of them have been mentioned in Yuhanna’s Gospel, while in other Gospels, only one of the miracles is written. In his Gospel, Christ is described as “the son of God” and “ the assistant from God”.

The book structure
It includes the history of the ten dynasties before Islam and the history of Arab Muslim kings and also the Mongols’ era.
- on the culture and characteristics of ancient nations from the creation of Adam up to Moses’ (the prophet) death
- sons of Israel’s (Bani Israel) era from Samuel to Nebuchadnezzar’s campaign to Jerusalem
- Chaldean kings and time of Nebuchadnezzar and his children
- the Iranian kings and the Achaemenian kings according to the Jewish history
- Roman history
- The Christian kings of Greece
- The idolater kings of Greece in time of Alexander and his successors
- Mongols’ era

Some of the book’s features
- explanation of the cultural life in each historical period and the biographies of the scientists: Pythagoras, Euclid, Archimedes, Zoroaster, Manes
- the way of building the towns
- a complete description of religions, religious sects and philosophy
- explanation of the Jews and Christians in each period


Reyhant al-Adab

Islamic nations’ civilization and history


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