the love story and fellowship of zayd ibn Dathinnah and khubayb ibn Adiy for messenger of Allah\'s islam

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Islamic historians have given the names of the ~Raid of ar-Raji~ and the ~Day of ar-Raji~ respectively to a famous historical event and the day on which it occurred, and there is an interesting and fascinating story attached to it.

A group from the ~Adal~ and ~al-Qarah~ tribes who were apparently from the same ancestral stock as the ~Quraysh~ and who dwelt in the proximity of ~Mecca~ came to the ~Messenger of Allah~ in the third year of the Hijrah and said:

"Some people from our tribe have chosen Islam, so send a group of Muslims to us that they may instruct us in the meaning of the religion, teach us the Qur'an and inform us of the principles and laws of Islam."

The Messenger of Allah sent six of his companions along with them for this purpose, and he entrusted the leadership of this group to a man called ~Marthad ibn Abi Marthad~ al-Ghanawi, or else to a man called ~Asim ibn Thabit~ ibn Abi ' l-Aqlah.

The envoys of the Messenger set out in the company of this mission that had come to Medina, till they reached the area which was where the ~Hadhil~ tribe lived, and there they halted. The friends of the Messenger had settled down to sleep without leaving anything from any where, when all at once a group from the Hudhayl tribe fell upon them like a thunderbolt with their swords drawn. It became clear that the mission that had come to Medina had either had the intention of acting deceitfully from the beginning, or else had become despondent on reaching this place and had had a change of heart. At any rate, it is known that these people sided with the Hudhayl tribe with the aim of seizing these six envoys. As soon as the- friends of the Messenger were aware of what was happening, they swiftly dashed for their arms, and got ready to defend themselves; but the Hudhayli swore that they did not intend to kill them. They wanted to deliver them to the Quraysh in Mecca and get something for them, and they were prepared to make a pact with them there and then that they would not kill them. Three of these men including `Asim ibn Thabit said that would not accept the shame of a pact with polytheists, and fought until they were killed. But the three other men by the names of ~Zayd ibn ad-Dathinnah~ ibn Mu'awiyah, ~Khubayb ibn Adiy~ and ~Abdullah ibn Tariq~ showed themselves more flexible and surrendered.

The Hudhayli bound these three men firmly with cord and set out towards Mecca. Near Mecca, `Abdullah ibn Tariq managed to get his hand free of the bonds and reach for his sword, but the enemy did not let him take the opportunity and killed him by hurling stones. Zayd and Khubayb were carried to Mecca, and they traded them in exchange for two captives from the Hudhayl who were held in Mecca, and then they went away.

~Safwan ibn Umayyah al-Qurashi~ bought Zayd from the person to whom he belonged so as to kill him to avenge the blood of his father who had been killed in ~Uhud~ (or Badr). To kill him he took him outside Mecca. The people of the Quraysh assembled to see what would happen, and they brought Zayd to his place of execution. He came forward with his courageous gait and did not tremble even the slightest in his walking. ~Abu Sufyan~ was one of the spectators, and he thought he would take advantage of the circumstances of the last moments of Zayd's life: perhaps he could get a statement of contrition and remorse or an avowal of hatred of the Messenger from him. He stepped forward and said to Zayd:

"I adjure you by God, Zayd, don't you wish that Muhammad was with us now in your place so that we might cutoff his head, and that you were with your family?"

"By God", said Zayd, "I don't wish that Muhammad now were in the place he occupies and that a thorn could hurt him, and that I were sitting with my family."

Abu Sufyan's mouth stood agape with surprise. He turned to the other Quraysh and said

"By God, I swear I have never seen a man who was so loved as Muhammad's companions love him."

After a while, Khubayb ibn `Adiy's turn fell, and he too was taken outside Mecca for execution. There he requested the assembly to let him pray two rak `ah of prayer. They agreed, and he recited the prayers in all humility, respect and absorbtion. Then he spoke to the crowd, and said:

"I swear by God that were it not that you would think that I only delayed out of fear of death, I would have prolonged my prayer."

They condemned Khubayb to crucifixion; and it was then that the sweet voice of Khubayb ibn `Adiy was heard, with a perfect spirituality which held everyone in its spell and caused some to caste themselves down on the earth in fear, entreating God with these words:

O God! We have delivered the message of Thy Messenger; so tell him tomorrow what has been done to us. O God! Reckon them by number and kill them one by one, let none of them remain.


attraction and repulsion of Imam Ali p.b.u.h- pages: 81to83


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