Adoring women in Islam religion

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Adoring women in Islam religion

In the past and even now in some religions, female has been considered as a creature that is innately filthy!
They believe that only those who do not marry, will be able to achieve spiritual achievements.

In Islam, marriage is considered as a sacred affair and celibacy as an evil affair.
According to Islam, adoring women, is one of the manners of prophets.
"I love these three: pleasant smell, woman and prayer." Said the Prophet.

One of the companions of the Prophet called "Othman", prayed hard, observed fast every day and all the time said prayer. His wife complained to the Prophet, the Prophet became extremely angry and went to "Othman" and told him: O Othman! You should be aware that Islam is an easy religion; I myself say prayer and keep fast as well as having sexual intercourse with my wife. Marriage and sexual intercourse both are my traditions; whoever is going to follow my religion should respect my tradition.

Khadija (the Prophet's wife) was 15 years older than the Prophet; he respected her greatly and really loved her.
"Rabaab" was one of the wives of Imam Hossein (the 3rd Imam of Shias), the Imam truly loved her.
The Prophet also loved his daughter "Fatima". He said about her: "I am sad when she is sad, when she is angry, I will be angry too, when she is happy, I am happy too. Whoever my daughter is satisfied with, I am satisfied as well and whoever I am satisfied with, God will be satisfied with too."

Whenever Fatima entered a place where the Prophet was, he stood up, kissed his daughter and seated her in his own place! And whenever he was going to travel, Fatima was the last whom the Prophet said goodbye to and when he came back, he visited her before others!

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