Deadline and the end of life in the Koran

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Human is supposed to attain perfection during the limited period of his life.

No one can postpone his deadline. The deadline of every creature in the universe has been before determined, and it is totally unchangeable. The verses below confirm:


1- Every nation has its term, so whenever their deadline comes they will not postpone it for an hour, nor will they advance it. (7:34)

2- No nation can forestall its deadline, nor will they ever postpone it (15:5)

3-Say: “you hold an appointment for a day which will be neither postpone nor advanced by so much as an hour.” (34:30)

These verses refer to the earthly deadline which is pre-determined by God. Our term meaning our deadline passes, but the Divine deadline will exist forever:

Anything you have is Temporary, while whatever God has is
everlasting (16:96

The following verses refer to earthly deadline:

Worldly life may be compared to water we send arum from the sky it mingles with the plants of the   earth on which mankind and livestock feed until , when the earth takes on its trimmings and looks attractive, and its people think that they will be able to use them as they like , our command  comes along to it by night or daytime , and we mow it down –ahead of time just as though it had not been so lush  the day before . Thus we spell out signs for folk who will think things over (10:24)

But the verses below confirm the God's deadline:

1- He is one who has created you (all) from day, then fixed a term. A deadline has been set by him (6:2)

2- God's deadline is coming for anyone who has been expecting to meet God (29:5)


"Recognition of Resurrection" (By Allameh Tehrani)


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