Presenting servants' divine visages to the Prophet on the Night Journey

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The Holy Prophet on his Ascension to the Heaven as it is mentioned in the Koran, visited servants divine visages. 

The Prophet’s Journey is noticed in the Koran:

Glory be to Him who had His servant travel by night from the Hallowed Mosque to the Further Mosque whose surroundings we have blessed, so we might show some of our signs! He is the Alert, the observant! (17:1)

The following are some of the signs shown to the Prophet, the evil acts and sins committed by servants:

On the Night Journey, the prophet saw a group of people eating some rotten meat while there were fresh meat as well, the Prophet asked
the angel Gabriel that who were  they? The angel answered: “these are a group of your nation who ate forbidden (Haraam) food instead of the permissible (Halal) one.

Then the Prophet passed a group of people having thick lips like camels which the flesh of their bodies were cut and put in their mouth,
the Prophet asked about this group and the angel told him that they were the people who were always faulting other people!

The Prophet also visited a group while the fire entered their mouth and went out of their anus.

Then Gabriel explained to the Prophet: “those who live off orphan’s property without having any right to do so will only suck up fire into their bellies, and they will (eventually) roast a blaze! (4:10)

There was also a group of people who had a huge belly in a way that they could not move, the Prophet asked the angel about them, and Gabriel answered him: “those who live off the interest on loons will never stand up, except in the way those whom Satan knocks down with a fit rise up again.” (2:275)


"Recognition of Resurrection" (By Allameh Tehrani)


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