Happiness and rejoicing in the Heaven

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The inhabitants of the Heaven will be always happy. The verses of the Koran confirm existence of rejoicing  in the Paradise:

1- Some faces will be beaming on that day;

Laughing, rejoicing(80:38-39)

2-Some  day you will believing men and believing women  with their right steaming on ahead of them and off to their right : “your good news today [consists of] gardens through which rivers flow, to live in forever  !” that will be the splendid Achievement . (57:12)

3- The ones who say: “ our Lord is God [Alone], then keep straight on ahead  , will have angels alight on them [saying]: “Do not  fear nor feel saddened and rejoice in word the Garden which you have been promised!

We are your sponsors during worldly life and in the Hereafter , during it you shall have whatever you souls may crave you will have whatever you request in it as hospitality from Someone [who is] forgiving, merciful”! (41:30-32)

4- Other faces will be blissful on that day,

Pleases with their effort,

(dwelling)  in a lofty garden (88:8-10)

5-You will recognize  a blissful splendor  on their  faces .(83:24)

6-O Tranquil soul, return to your Lord well pleased and pleasing [Him] ! Enter among My servants, and enter My garden.(89:27-30)

7-Some faces will be radiant on that day, looking toward their Lord.(75:22-23)


al-Mizan Koranic exegesis (Allameh Tabatabai)

The Noble Quran (English translation by T.B. Irving)


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