Abdul Jabbar Razi

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Abul Wafa Sheikh Abdul Jabbar Mufid Razi, great Shia scholar and jurisconsult and known as “Qari Razi” (Qari, means the reader “of the Quran”), in the 11th and 12th century in Rey – Iran. He was originally from Neishabour – Iran, then was resident in Rey. He wa seducated under the following scholars:
Ibn al – Barraj (d. 1087)
Sheikh Sala Ib Abdul Aziz Deilami (d. 1055)
Sheikh Jafar Ibn Muhammad Duristi
Abul Jawaez Hasan Bari #### Sheikh Najashi
Sheikh Toosi (d. 1068)

Razi quoted all the books and compositions of “Sheikh Toosi” from Sheikh himself. Many great scholars studied in his presence of him and the following have quoted from him:
Seyyed Fazl Allah Rawandi
Rashid al-Din Ali Ibn Zirak Qomi
Abu Hashem Mujtaba Ibn Hamzeh

Razi wrote many books and compositions on jurisprudence in Arabic and Persian which have been all quoted by “Sheikh Abul Fotuh Razi”.




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