The role of remembering Resurrection in ethics

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Human behaviour will be evaluated by remembering Resurrection, as the result of remembering. Human heart will be touched:

1- Seek help through patience and prayer, since it is exacting except for the submissive who assume they will meet their Lord, and that they will return to Him. (2:45-46)

2-who believe in what has been sent down to you as well as what was set down before you, while they are convinced about the Hereafter, (2:4)

3-Those who stray from Gods path will have severe because they have forgotten the Day of Reckoning! (38:26)

Based on Koranic verses, the true prayers are those who have the following characteristics:

Who are constant at their prayers and whose health comprises on acknowledged responsibility towards the beggar and the destitute, and the ones who accept the Day for Repayment, and those who are apprehensive about their Lords torment, their Lords torment is nothing to feel too safe from! (70: 23-28)

Remembering the Day of Judgement is such important that God swears and emphasizes in it.

The ones who disbelieve claim they will be raised up again. Say.”Indeed m by my Lord m you will be raised again! Then you will be notified about whatever you have been doing. That will be easy for God to do!  Believe in God and His messenger and the Light which we have sent down. God is Informed about anything you do. Some day he will gather you( all)  in, on the Day of Gathering , that will be the day for haggling, he will remit the misdeeds of anyone who believes in God and has acted honorably and show him into  gardens through which rivers flow, to live there forever . that will be the  supreme .

Achievement those who disbelieve and reject our signs will become inhabitants of the fire to remain there what an awful goal it is! (64:7-10)

According to Koran the reason why we do not remember and believer in Resurrection is:

They do not value God the way He should be valued.(6:91)  


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