Temperament proves Resurrection

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Human being tends to have an everlasting life, to live in an eternal world which never ends; this tendency is created by God. According to the prominent philosopher “Mullah sacra”, tendency towards eternity and living forever is created in human nature due to the everlasting universe after death. There all proves that there will be definitely a new life after death.

1- Wherever you may be, death shall still overtake you (4:78)

2- Our Lord is the one who has given everything its own constitution, then guided it. (20:50)

3- Warm mankind against a day when torment will come upon them. Those who have done wrong will say: “our Lord put us off a short while; we will answer your appeal and follow the messengers!”(Did you not use to swear previously that you would never [face] extinction? (14:44)

4- He entered his garden while he was thus harming his own soul. He said “I do not think that this will ever disappear!” (18:35)

5-so keep your face set enquiringly towards the (true) relegation , God s natural  handiwork along which lines he has patterned mankind .there is no way to alter God creation . That is the correct religion. (30:30)

6- Who hoards wealth and keep on adding to it! He reckons that his money will make him immortal. (104:2-3)


The Quran (By T.B.Irving)


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