The soul survival proves Resurrection

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Believing in survival of the soul after death could lead us to believe in Resurrection. The following koranic verses indicate survival of the soul after death, as well as existence of Resurrection:

1- Do not reckon those who are killed for God, sake are deed, but rather [they are] living, they will be provided for by their Lord. (3:169)

2- Do not say: “they are deed!” about anyone who is killed for God sake. Rather they are living, even though you do not notice it. (2:154)

3-The fire! They will be exposed to it marring and evening. While on the day when the Hour is set up [there will be heard]: “send pharaoh s court into the harshest torment!” (40:49)

4- say: “the angel of Death who has been given charge of you will gather you in. then you will (all) be returned to your Lord. (32:11)

5-God recalls soul at the time of their death, and those who have not died, during their sleep. He holds on to anyone whom death has been decided for, and sends the others back for specific period. In that, are signs for folk who meditate. (39:42)


"Message of the Koran" (Naser Makarem Shirazi)

The Quran English translation (T.B. Irving)


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