The role of believing in Resurrection in social life

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In some societies religion separates from human life and it is mostly considered as an individual   affair, while bossed on Islamic thought, faith in God and believing   in Resurrection perform a leading role in social human life.

The following koranic verses confirm some of the aspects of believing in Resurrection in social life:


1- It will be too dad for cheats who insist on receiving everything when they have people measure something out for them.

Yet whenever they measure or weigh things for others, they give (them) less than due Do not such persons suppose they will be raised up again [to render accounts] a tremendous day. (83:1-5)

2- Any money you spend will be repaid you, and you will not be harmed (2:272)

3- By men whom neither business nor trading distracts from remembering God, keeping up prayer, and paying welfare tax. They fear a day when their hearts and eyesight will feel upset. (24:37)

4- God is recompense is better for anyone who believers and acts honorably. Yet only the patient will encounter it. (28:80) 

5-God commands justice, kindness and giving [their due] to near relatives, while He forbids misconduct, debauchery and insolence. He so instructs you (all) so that you may draw attention to it (16:90).


English translation of the Koran (T.B. Irving)


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