The term “religion” in the Koran

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 The term “religion” is applied 86 times in the Koran with the following meanings the following verses are just some of them.


1- The Day of Repayment        

- Ruler on the Day for repayment (1:4)

- The one who I expect will forgive me, my mistakes on the Day for Repayment (26:82)

-those who deny the Day for Repayment (83:11)

- And the ones who accept the Day for Repayment (70:26)

- And kept denying [about appearing on] the Day for Repayment (74:46)


2- Islam

- Religion with God means Islam a commitment to [live in] peace. (3:19)  

- Abraham commissioned his sons with it [as a legacy], [so did] Jacob]: “My sons, God has selected your religion for you. Do not die unless you are Muslims. (2:132)

-Do they crave something besides God religions?  Whoever is in Heaven and Earth is committed to [make] peace with him,   whether willingly or reluctantly, to him will they be returned they be returned (3:83)

-Anyone who desires something other than Islam as a religion will never have it accepted from him, while in the hereafter he will be among the losers (3:85)

- Today I have perfected your religion for you, and competed My favours towards you, and have consented to grant you [Islam] as a religion. (5:3)



- Pure religion belongs to God [Alone]! The ones who take on [other] patrons instead of Him [claim]. “We do not serve them except to bring us closer to God in homage.” (39:3)

-say: God do I worship sincerely, my religion belongs to Him. So worship anything you wish to instead   of him! (39:14-15)

-Fight them until there is no more subversion and [all] religion belongs to God. (2:193)

 -Fight them off until there is no more persecution, and Religion belongs wholly to God:  yet if they do stop then God id observant of anything they do. (8:39)


4-Divine commandments

- Believers should not march forth in a body if a squadron from each division of them should match forth, they should still instruct [others] in religion. (9:122)

- He [God] has not placed any constraint upon you concerning [your] religion. (22:78)

- Do not let any pity for either party distract you from [complying with] God, religion if you believe in God and the last Day. (24:2)


5- Islamic social rights

- Yet if they should repent, keep up prayer and pay the welfare tax, them [they may be] your brethren in religion. (9:11)

- call them after their own fathers; it is fairer so far as God is concerned. If you do not know who their fathers were, then [call them] you brothers in religion (33:5)



- You have your religion while I have my religion (109:6)



al-Mizan Koranic exegesis (Allameh Tabatabai)

The Noble Quran (English translation by T.B. Irving)


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