Isaac Ibn Ahmad Abu Yaqub

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Isaac Ibn Ahamd Abu Yaqub, known as “Khishfuj”, great Ismailis theologian in the 10th century. (Ismailis is a major section of Shi’a). It is necessary to fully research into all works of Abu Yaqub, because he is the only source for obtaining information about the beliefs of the philosophic sect “Ismailis” in the 10th century. Abu Yaqub’s philosophical ideas was based on Nasafi’s (Abul Hasan Bazdawi Nasafi, distinguished philosopher – theologian of the Ismailis in Khurasan; d. 943. He was generally credited with the introduction of Neo-platonic philosophy #### into Ismaili circles about 913. There are left different works of Abu Yaqub, the following are the most important:
Kashf al-Mahjub (Revealing the veiled)
al-Iftekhar (The glory)



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