Malek Ibn Anas

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Abu Abdullah Malek Ibn Anas, the founder and leader of the Sunni sect “Malikites” (710 – 796) in Medina. He started his education in Medina, where was one of the centres of the sciences “jurisprudence” and “Hadith”. Malek attended the classes of celebrated jurisconsults and traditionists: “Zahri, “Rabi’ Ibn Abdul Rahman”, “Nafeh Ibn Abi Tamim” and “Nafeh Mowla Ibn Omar”. Because of his high intelligence, soon he became a great scholar and started teaching in Medina mosque. First he had a difficult life but then he became well off and accepted the awards #### which were presented to him by caliphs. His jurisprudence was based on three options: 1) the Quran and Hadith. 2) Consensus among scolars. 3) Consensus among people of Medina and their act. Malek also considered analogy and approving in his jurisprudence. “Malikites” first was spread in Hejaz, then Egypt, Northern Africa and Andalusia. Nowadays most of followers of Malek exist in Northern Africa but it stopped in Egypt. In Andalusia it was spread by Malek’s students: Yahya Leithi Andelusi.

- Exegesis of the Quran
- Risalah Ibn Wahab
- Risalah Fi Aqziyah
- Treatise on fatwa
- Ketab al- sorur
It is doubtfull if some of the works belong to Malek.


Mosaheb encyclopedia

Wafayat al –Ayan


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