Qasem Ibn Muhammad Ibn Abi Bakr

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Qasem Ibn Muhammad, One of the greatest “Tabe’in” [“The followers” is the name of a group of Muslims who followed companions of the Holy Prophet (Muhammad) ]. His father “Abu Bakr” was one of “Rashidis” caliphs (Rashidis is the name of an Arabic dynasty). Qasem was one of the seven great jurisconsults in Medina and also a reliable traditionist. His mother (Sudeh) was a slave. She had three children: Qasem, Abdul Rahman and Umme Farweh. Umme Farweh married Imam Baqer (the 5th Imam of Shias), she is #### mother of Imam Sadeq (the 6th Imam of Shias). Qasem Ibn Muhammad was also cousin of Imam Sajjad (the 4th Imam of Shias); Qasem’s mother and Imam Sajjad’s (Shahrbanoo) were both daughters of “Yazdgerd” (one of the Iranian kings of Sasanides dynasty). Qasem Ibn Muhammad quoted (Hadiths) from some of the companions of the Prophet and also from the great scholars of Tabe’in (The followers). He went blind in the last years of his life. Qasem Ibn Muhammad died between the years 720 – 727.


Wafayat al – Ayan

Tabaqat (the categories) of Ibn Sad


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