Sheikh Abdul Nabi Noori

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Ayatollah Abdul Nabi Noori, outstanding philosopher, jurisconsult and scholar, born in 1839 in Noor – Iran. Before his birth his father had died, he was brought up by his mother, but also lost her at 5. Ayatollah Noori had a high intelligence, he studied primary sciencs in the presence of the masters of his own city for 5 years, then went to Amul and Bbul Hawzeh (religious school) and studied under “Saeid al-Ulama Mazandarani”, then went to Tehran and continued in the presence of philosophy and metaphysics masters. He also travelled to Iraq to #### complete his studies, attended the class of “Mirza Habib Allah Rashti” in Najaf and “Mirza Hasan Shirazi” in Samarra. Ayatollah Noori was well versed in jurisprudence, methodology, intellectula and transmitted sciences.

His masters:
Saeid al-Ulama Mazandarani
Mirza Muhammad Tonekaboni
Mirza Habib Allah Rashti
Mirza Muhammad Hasan Shirazi
Miraz Hossein Noori

In 1889, he travelled to Tehran by request of people and started teaching. After death of the two great scholars “Mirza Muhammad Hasan Shirazi” and “Sheikh Fazl Allah Noori”, he had the highest scientific position and many great scholars studied in his presence.

Some of his students:
1- Mirza Taher Tonekaboni
2- Seyyed Shahab Mar’ashi Najafi
3- Sheikh Muhammad Taqi Amuli
4- Mirza Abdul Hasan Sha’rani
5- Seyyed Abul Hasan Qazvini, etc.

Ayatollah Noori was one of the proponents of “Costitution of Iran” and tried to prevent from approving non-Islamic rules.

- Gloss on the book “Asfar” (written by mullah Sadra)
- Explanation of “Qawaed al-Kalam”
- Gloss on “Rasael” (written by Sheikh Murteza Ansari) , etc.

He died in 1925 and was buried in Rey – Iran.



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