Qeys Ibn Sa edeh Iyadi

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Qeys Ibn Sa’edeh Iyadi, Arabic preacher, from the tribe “Iyad”, in time of “Jahiliyyah” (The state of affairs in Arabia before the mission of the Prophet. In general it has connotation of ignorance and paganism). Although he lived before Islam, he was monotheist. Qeys was a perfect eloquent preacher. It is said that he was the first person who leant on a stick or sabre in time of preaching. The famous sentence: “It is necessary for a pretender to giver a reason and it s necessary for a person who denies to swear” is attributed to him. It is said that the Holy #### Prophet (in his childhood), had seen him. His sermons have been quoted in literary Arabic books and also some poems which are attributed to him. Qeys Ibn Sa’edeh had a long life.


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