the prophet\\\'s love for animals and inanimate things

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It shows, what is more, that he loved all things, even ~animals~ and ~inanimate things~. Thus we can see in the history of his life that all the things he used had special names. His horses, his swords and his turbans all had special names, and the only reason for this was that all existent things were the objects of the expression of his love and affection; it is as if he considered everything to have an individuality. History bears no trace of any human being with this manner apart from him, and this manner in fact shows that he was the paradigm of human love. When he passed by the mountain of ~Uhud~, he looked at it with kindness through his radiant eyes and with a look overflowing with love, and said: jabal yuhibbuna wa nahibbuh - "It is a mountain which loves us and we love it." He was a man in whose love mountains and stones also shared.


attraction and repulsion of Imam Ali p.b.u.h- pages: 24


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