Realization of time in the Purgatory according to the Koran

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The following verses of the Koran indicate the celibacy of soul and realization of time existing in the Purgatory:

1- Jeremiah the Prophet and his donkey died and they both revived hundred years, then God asked the prophet how long it lasted after? The prophet said: it lasted for one day or even less than it:

God let him die for a hundred years m then raised him up again. He   said: “how long have you been waiting here?” he said: “I have been waiting a day or part of a day.”  He said, Rather you have stayed here a hundred years.” (2: 259)

2- The following verses refers to the companions of the cave (Kahf) who slept for thought they had been there for one day or less:

Even so we raised them up again so they might question one another.

One of them spoke up and said, “How long have you stayed here?” they said, we have stayed a day, or part of a day.” They said, “Your Lord is quite aware of how long you have stayed here.” (18/19)

And they stayed in their cave for three hundred years plus nine more (18:25)

Say: “God is quite Aware as to how long they stayed [there] (18:26)

 All the following verses confirms mal-realization of the dead
(in the Purgatory) in Resurrection

1- Some day he will call on you, and you will respond in praise of him. You will assume you have lingered for only a little while (17:52)

2- They will mutter to one another: “Did you only stay away ten [days] we quite Aware of what they will say when the best-behaved among them will say: “you have only stayed away a day.” (2:103-104)

3- I have rewarded them today for how patient they have been, they are triumphant. He will say [further]: “how many years did you stay on earth?”

They will say: “we stayed a day or part of a day. Ask the timekeepers.”

He will say: “you only lasted a little while, if you only realized it (23:111-114)

4-some day the Hour will be established when criminals will swear they have been hanging around for only an hour.

Thus they have [always] shrugged things off, the ones who have been given knowledge and faith will say. “You have hung around until the Day of Rebirth according to God’s book. Now it the Day for Rebirth, but you are such that you do not know it” (30:55-56)

5-some day the will summon them; it will be as if they had merely been hanging around for an hour during daylight.

They will recognize one another (10:45)

6-since they will seem to have lingered for only hour of daylight (46:35)

7-Just as some day they  shall see they have hung around for only on evening  , or its morning glow (79:46)


"Resurrection" (By Morteza Motahari)


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