Hell and the punishment in the Koran

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Hell is considered as the place for sinners and criminals, in the Hereafter the punishment in the Hell is noticed in the following Koranic verses:


1- Hell will [serve as] an appointment for all of them together. It has seven gates; each gate will have a portion assigned for them. (15:43-44)

2- of course not: it would flare up tugging  at his scalp , claiming anyone who tries to escape and turns away , through saving (things) up and hoarding [them]. (70:15-18)

3- What will make you realize what scorching is? It spares nothing nor leaves anything over as it shrivels human [flesh]. Over it there are Nineteen. (74:27-30)

4- It throws off sparks like a place [on fire], [bright] as a yellow camel herd. [77:32-33]

5- If they should ask for dome relief, then water like molten brass will be showered on them to scorch their faces. How awful such a drink will be and how evil is such a couch! (18:29)

6- We have prepared chains, shackles and a Blaze for disbelievers! (76:4)

7- So enter Hells gates to remain there. How awful will the lodging of the prideful be! (16:29)

8- Hypocrites will stand on the lowest level of the fire,  you will never find any supporter for them (4:145)


Subject exegesis of the Koran (Ayatollah Javadi Amoli)

The Noble Quran (English transaltion by T.B. Irving)


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