The pioneers' characteristics in the Koran's view

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According to the Koran, people on the Day of Jugement divided into three groups: 1) the companions on the Right 2) the companions on the left, 3) the pioneers

The first and third group will be in peace. The second groups are the sinners staying in Hell.

Although the companions on the Right and the pioneers will both live in peace based on the Koran the pioneers are the highest, they are the nearest:

When the Inevitable arrives, no one will its happening, humbling, exalting!  The earth will be rocked with   a jolt and the mountains crumble to pieces and become dust that is scattered about you will from three groups:

The companions on the Right (what do the companions on the Right [mean]?) : the companions on the  Left (what do the companions on the unlucky side [mean]? : and the pioneers will be out there
leading ! 

Those will be the nearest in gardens of bliss, a multitude from early men and a few from later ones.( 56: 1-14)

Both of the groups (the companions on the Right and the pioneers) have done honourable acts therefore they will enter paradise. But the difference is that the companion on the Right does honourable acts in order to enter the Heaven, but the pioneers do because of the deeds themselves, not for the Heaven meaning if there was no Heaven, the pioneers would do honouable acts again.


Acquaintance with the Koran (Morteza Motahari)

The Noble Koran (English translation by T.B. Irving)


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